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Assisted Living

Embrace Better Living

Assisted Living at The Avaline at River Oaks empowers you to live more independently and on your terms, even if you find yourself beginning to struggle with common daily tasks. The compassionate and highly trained staff at our senior community in the River Oaks neighborhood of Memphis, Tennessee takes care of the housekeeping, maintenance, and cooking, while you enjoy the confidence of having discreet personal assistance available whenever you need it.

Is It The Right Time For Senior Living?

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Amenities & Services to Support Your Lifestyle

The Avaline at River Oaks restaurant-style dining icon

Restaurant-Style Dining

Choose from three tempting restaurant-style meals each day.
The Avaline at River Oaks pet friendly icon

Pet Friendly

Furry friends are welcomed at The Avaline with prior approval.
The Avaline at River Oaks on-site therapy services icon

On-Site Therapy

Therapy services are available to all on-site.
The Avaline at River Oaks salon and barbershop icon

Salon & Barbershop

Need a trim? Take advantage of our community’s salon and barbershop!
The Avaline at River Oaks 24/7 on-site staff support icon

24/7 Staff

Access to our team of caregivers 24/7 provides a safe and worry-free life.

Innovative Technology

Ensuring Safety of Your Loved Ones

You might think that falls, ER visits and hospitalizations are an unexpected, inevitable result of getting older. You might think it’s especially true for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. But the truth is that many of these events are frequently predictable and avoidable. Changes in the way you walk or how you sleep may indicate an increased risk of illness or injury. With the right access to detailed, accurate and timely information, we can see what’s happening sooner and take steps to prevent a potentially tragic event from occurring.

Proactive care improves the safety of your loved ones with predictive analytics including:

Heart Rate

Respiratory Rate

Bed Restlessness




25 %

More than 1 in 4 people, 65 and older, fall each year

20 %
One out of 5 falls result in serious injury, such as head trauma
SafelyYou Respond product graphic

SafelyYou Combines World-leading technology with Clinical Expertise

SafelyYou Respond™ supports its breakthrough AI video technology with a remote team of MDs, RNs, OTs, and PTs. So, when a fall occurs, expert clinicians can help on-site staff understand how to help keep it from happening again. This world-leading technology detects over 99% of on-the-ground events, and the fall video enables our care staff to better assess each fall’s severity and get your loved one the right care faster. Fall experts help ensure that repeat falls don’t occur. It means your loved one stays safer and out of the ER.

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Located in Memphis, TN

Serene Living in the Heart of Memphis

The Avaline at River Oaks rocking chairs on porch
Located in Memphis, TN

Serene Living in the Heart of Memphis

River Oaks offers an idyllic suburban retreat with its elegant, Southern-style homes set amidst lush greenery. This neighborhood is a harmonious blend of luxury and comfort, where tranquil living meets the excitement of the city. Its pristine streets, lined with chic local businesses and top-tier schools, make it a coveted location for those desiring a peaceful yet connected lifestyle.

The Avaline at River Oaks rocking chairs on porch

Where Life is More…

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